Saturday, December 20, 2008

Photo essay: Thanksgiving to now

So, these photos aren't really in the right order, but it is kind of a pain in Blogger to move them around - so we'll just deal with it! This is an up close shot of the sweater I made for Cora - it matches the new hat you'll see below. She's getting this for Christmas, and I am excited, because I just knit a freaking SWEATER!!

The whole thing - not as psychedelic in person. I promise.

Today Cora and Chris went out in the snow storm and she made me this heart with her footprints. This is something I did for her when we were up north last weekend. Then, she had me make one for Rudolph, and she made a snow angel in the middle of that one.

She tells us she likes being cold. I am inclined to believe her.

Up at the North Shore, contemplating Lake Superior.

Tracking Rudolph last weekend.

Enjoying a rice cake snack in the cabin.

The new hat - she got this one early because she doesn't have many hats that fit her this year.

She was sick at the end of November, and Daddy brought her home some get-well flowers.

Our post-Thanksgiving snowfall. Admittedly, it looks pretty pathetic by today's 6-8" standards, but it was fun at the time.


Mary G said...

She's gorgeous and so is the sweater. And you actually finished it and are not going to have to sew it together on Christmas Eve at midnight.
Way to go.

Cara said...

Wow, Merie!! Amazing sweater and hat! I love them! And I am so impressed!! And those pictures are lovely!