Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Is it a coincidence that we had a better bedtime on a school day? Probably not. But tonight after dinner, Cora seemed tired. She actually let Chris put pajamas on her. Then she brushed her teeth. They went upstairs and watched a few videos on YouTube (I heard a lot of drumming) while I chatted with my mom online*. Then...she was asleep by a little after 8pm.

Maybe it's the daddy magic. But I think at least part of it is that when she is at school she'll nap at the usual time, just not at home. We have to get this figured out, though, because it is almost end of the semester crunch time, when we will need our evenings for grading.

*We had to chat online because I can't talk. I can whisper, a little, but WedMD tells me I should not whisper - I should just speak softly. Uh huh. I'm hoping this goes away soon. It is challenging to teach when you can't talk. Especially when it is a book I would really like to talk about! We are in the middle of Atwood's Alias Grace. Every time I read it, it gets better.

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