Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Summer makes a brief reappearance

I'm really more of a fall person. When I lived in California, I was more of a winter person, but living somewhere that really has *winter* cured me of that. The last two years I've made more of a peace with summer than in previous year, but still...I like a chill in the air. I like piling on the quilts. I like being comfortable wearing jeans and long sleeves.

We had about two weeks of really beautiful fall weather. Now it is warm again, but that kind of awkward warm weather, where the mornings are really still pretty cool, but you know it is going to get up to 80 in the afternoon, so what are you supposed to wear? And what on earth does the baby wear ("No I not baby! I little girl!")? At least there is one easy decision:

Another still life photo; I call it "Paneer: In the beginning" :

Because, really, when you are teaching three classes and going to campus every day and trying to make it to your gym three times a week and going through job searches and worrying about the health of family members and also hoping that maybe you can one day get enough freaking want to start a curry and cheese making odyssey, right? Oh, and, by the way, why don't you knit a poncho while you're at it.

But really you're here for the girl, aren't you? The one who actually can't decide if she is a big girl, a little girl, or a baby, and often cycles through all three in a manner of hours. She is gaining language at an amazing pace these days, and I especially love to hear her picking up colloquialisms. The latest is, "I got an idea!" As in this exchange:

Me: No more stories, Cora, time for songs.
Cora: Wait! I got an idea!
Me: What's your idea?
Cora: We read more stories!

Hey - I got an idea - let's make the pots and pans cupboard (you know, the one Grandma Jan told her was her cupboard...thanks, Grandma Jan!) her room so that she will stay so small and so cute and so full of enthusiasm for a very long time.


Grandma Jan said...

In defense of Grandma Jan --
It is well known in the lore of Northern European/Scandinavian/American Westerners that if parents want their offspring to feel welcome in the kitchen (and thereby included in the heart of the home), that youngsters be given usage rights of one of two cupboards. The pots and pans cabinet or the Tupperware cabinet. Skittish, highly-strung parents with little tolerance for noise may choose the plastics. Pots and pans are preferable for the child with budding musical talent, exceptional stacking/fitting capabilities and lively imaginations! And if you someday would like a French toast and sausage breakfast-in-bed on Mother's Day - get her used to the comfortable heft of those pans now!

mek said...

Grandma Jan needs no defense, as she all too clearly rocks.

I should know! ;)