Monday, October 29, 2007

Costumes, costumes, costumes

1. Cora in her new snow bib and jacket - both a little too big for her right now. Our little marshmallow girl! (Her other recent passion - digging up little jackets that no longer fit her and insisting on wearing them. With the zipper up and the hood on, effectively rendering her a neckless baby.)

2. Cora in the famous squirrel dress - there's a little stuffed squirrel tethered to the front pocket. Add in the matching shirt, the sweet ruffle, and the black shoes, and it really is too cute for anyone to stand.

3. Our Halloween giraffe in a pre-Halloween fitting session. She was much happier at the costume party last Saturday - she wore her black shoes for hooves, never took off her cap, and carried her bag of "Giraffe Snax" (cheerios, froot loops, little cookies, and goldfish) all around our friends' home, smiling at everyone.

1 comment:

nora said...

Love the giraffe! And the giraffe snax sounds so fun! Maybe Julia could have had Ladybug treetz?