Sunday, September 9, 2007

The baby still has a better wardrobe than me

I mean, she is just so hip, isn't she? I could never get away with an outfit like this, but somehow if you're less than 3' tall (if just barely), you can make it work. And wouldn't this make the best outfit for her to wear to daycare? (Or, to school, as we call it.)


Because everyday at daycare she manages to get completely filthy, what with the playing outside, coloring with markers, and eating without a bib. It's all good filth, but nonetheless...we wear just plain clothes to school.

So classes started for me Thursday (for Chris the day before) and I talked all day long, but felt okay at the end of the day, except for my feet killing me, and my back from hauling around my stuff, and my thumb knuckle (my "thumkle" as my mother called it) from writing on chalkboards and whiteboards. Today, all those aches and pains are gone, but my voice has been slipping away all day. Good thing Cora likes her bedtime stories read softly.

As Cora's adjustment to daycare continues, I have the following to report:
- She won't walk at daycare, despite doing it almost all the time now at home.
- She is napping better at daycare, but not at all at home.
- She talks a lot more! New words: shirt, keys, Harry, Eva, juice, and a few we haven't decoded yet.
- She really likes the daycare schedule of eating something every two hours! She asks for crackers and snacks more often.
We also went to a MusicTogether class this weekend, which she really liked. This Wednesday we have our first Music & Movement class at the ballet studio. Another interest we discovered is tennis: she has watched part of a couple US Open matches and really likes it. This evening she was laughing at Federer and his opponent. She finds the serves especially amusing.

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Beck said...

Our babies almost have the same name! One letter is different.
When THe Baby was smaller, she'd refuse to walk whenever she was in new situations - it was a sign that she'd warmed up when she'd finally consent to put her feet on the ground again.