Thursday, June 14, 2007

State of the Baby Speech...with pictures!

(Because I know you people are all about the pictures.)

Cora has found some new ways to amuse herself lately. Perhaps the most unusual (to us) is that she now loves to crawl under the seat of the saucer and make it rock while she squirms around. She also likes to crawl under there with her cuppy and just kind of hang out for a while.

People who mainly see Cora at other locations frequently remark on how much energy she has. Yes, it is true. Here is what a small part of the house looks like after a few minutes with Hurricane Cora.

While my parents were here after Cora's baptism, Mom and I made some new dresses for the baby, and a matching hat for one dress. And I finally finished the baby bloomers to go with it. It has been so hot lately (six days in a row hitting 90+!) that Cora has pared the outfit down considerably.

Given this heat wave, we also finally bought a little wading pool. Chris blew it up this evening, we suited Cora up in her bathing suit for the first time, slathered her in sunscreen, and introduced her to the joys of a pool filled with freezing cold water from the hose. She was game for playing in the water, and tried to sit down a few times, but it was just too cold. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for really getting the full experience!

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