Friday, December 1, 2006

In my universe

In an alternate universe where I am wide awake and feeling clever, this would be a perfect time to start grading that stack of papers. Unfortunately, I am stuck in this universe, where it is 10:30pm, Chris is out at a concert, the baby has just recently fallen asleep (just as I fired up disc two of the Fellowship of the Ring...babies love orcs, right?), and although it would seem that all I have accomplished today is the dishes, I find myself feeling pretty dull indeed.

Okay, there are a few other things I did today. I finished the mystery I’ve been working on for a few nights (Ayelet Waldman’s Death Gets a Time-Out - I like her mommy detective). I downloaded yesterday’s pictures from the camera (see below). I made most of dinner (Chris made his signature potatoes to go with the pork chops and fennel). And, this morning I took Cora for her flu booster. Which, of course, led directly to a baby that pretty much wanted to be held most of the day.

Going out for the booster shot was no easy errand. The errand itself took less than 40 minutes, but there was quite a bit of prep time involved. Outside it was 20 degrees (with wind chill, about 14), which is the coldest weather Cora has ever had to go out in. So there was a lot of layering to do, and adjusting the car seat straps so she would actually be wedged and clipped in there, swaddled in fleece as she was.

Once we were out and on our way to the car I realized that after wrapping up the baby so well, I was still just wearing a t-shirt, jeans, a sweater, and clogs with no socks. And my first thought was that I would never let Cora go out in the cold dressed like I was dressed. Maybe it doesn’t take so long to turn into a mommy after all. Cora didn’t seem to mind or even notice the cold at all.

Yesterday I decided to have a sick day - I’m sure eventually the students got over the heartbreak of a cancelled class (and no doubt this has led them to believe they will get papers back next week). I needed a break, Chris needed to work in the morning. It was nice to get in an extra breakfast with Cora. Breakfast time is often one of her best times. After she eats she is still in a really good mood and will sit in her chair and play with the table toys and talk and watch me type for quite a while. Pictures to be added later - Blogger seems to be having technical difficulties.

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