Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Barnyard Players' Debut a Success!

Some babies work for world domination, but mine would be happy just to have a saucer/jumper of some sort in every room. She’s pretty close, with the exersaucer in the kitchen, the Bumbo in the music room, and the Hop-n-Pop in the living room. The first time we put her in the Hop-n-Pop, just after we brought it home from some friends’ house, she was too small and afraid of the whole thing. Now she loves it, loves to make the little balls pop around and work all the other toys on it.

But the big hit this weekend has been the new table toys, introduced the morning after Thanksgiving. Cora loves holidays that involve lots of people and hanging out at our friends’ home and watching the older kids run around. So the morning after, while Chris and I were still a little bleary, she was bright eyed and ready to play.

So, we broke out the finger puppets Chris’s students gave him last spring, plus two others that were in a hand-me-down bag of toys. There’s one other, a frog, who lives in the diaper bag, but may make the move to the dining room table soon.

The Barnyard Players put on their first production for Cora, which she thoroughly enjoyed. As you can see, she also enjoyed meeting one of the Players, Clyde the Horse, backstage after breakfast was over.

So here I am on Saturday night, just over halfway through my weekend, still facing a pile of papers and a chunk of reading to accomplish, along with many other miscellaneous chores. It seems that most of the time, getting through the dishes, grocery shopping, and general babycare activities is about all that I can really get done. Plus one or two other items. Like baking a pumpkin pie. Roasting a turkey. Finishing a Kathy Reichs mystery. Oops. I may have discovered part of the problem...I’ve been reading for my own enjoyment instead of just for classes!

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